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Questions whose answers are considered basic in information gathering or problem solving,
  • Where is Brumo Silent Disco located?
    Brumo Silent Disco is in Riga - Latvia. We supply equipment and provide events across Europe. Delivery of equipment in the Baltic States within 24 hours on working days. In other European Union countries, depending on the delivery distance.
  • Do you provide full service Silent Disco?
    We do our very best to keep your costs down and get the most out of Silent Disco. We provide you with everything you need. No technical experience is required set up the equipment! You have the opportunity to connect music from your own DJ or mp3 player. You can use your own staff or volunteers you already have. We provide remote technical support. If you have any questions or problems, we will be happy to solve them. If you yourself want to relax and enjoy an unforgettable party, we can provide an excellent full-service service. You won't believe it when any yard, street or underground parking will turn into the hottest night club. You won't have to worry about handing out headphones, training people on how to use them, monitoring the equipment during the event, and collecting the headphones after the event. We have people who will be able to communicate with you in Latvian, Russian, English, Lithuanian and Estonian languages. The cost of one technical employee per event starts from EUR 90.00 *. The number of employees depends on the number of rented headsets and the location of the event. You don't need to worry about the DJ either, because we cooperate with experienced DJs from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, and England. * The amount does not include 21% VAT
  • Where can Brumo Silent Disco be used?
    Next to discos, our equipment has a very wide range of applications. We have provided open-air cinema, theater performances, museum expositions, city audio guide, simultaneous translation in up to three languages, gymnastics - yoga, outdoor classes, concerts, bachelorette parties, walks along forest trails with background music and a guide, etc.
  • What music devices can be connected?
    The headphones themselves cannot be connected to home audio equipment using BLUETOOTH, WIFI, FM or AUDIO WIRE. The headphones only work with Brumo Pro's dedicated audio signal transmitters. We offer two different transmitters: a stationary transmitter (best suited for DJ/festivals) and a portable transmitter (for outdoor events). You can connect our transmitters to your phone, laptop, or tablet with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack cable. For optimal results, your home audio should be set at 70-100% of full volume. If you have a newer Apple or Android device (tablet, phone) without a 3.5mm headphone jack. You will need an adapter to connect to our transmitter. DJs can connect their equipment to our equipment using audio cables with RCA - RCA / RCA - XLR / RCA - 3.5 mm Jack / RCA - Jack 6.5 mm Jack (we provide these cables in the set)
  • How to turn on / off and set up the headset and transmitter?
    Using headphones 1 - ( ON / OFF ) 2 - ( change channels ch1 blue /ch2 red /ch3 green ) 3 - ( adjust the volume ) Using the transmitter 4 - ( power supply unit 12v - connect to electricity / EU Type C not grounded ) 5 - ( connect to the audio player AUDIO INPUT - audio cables are included ) 6 - ( turn on the transmitter / CHANNEL signal transmitter power - LOW up to 200 m / HIGH up to 500 m ) 7 - ( change the channels corresponding to the headphones / ch1 blue / ch2 red / ch3 green ) If you use all three transmitters, separate channels 1/2/3 must be installed on each channel. If you use two transmitters, we recommend using channels 1/3 If you use one transmitter, you choose any channel or you want to use a specific color that will illuminate your headphones (ch1 blue /ch2 red /ch3 green)
  • Can I use multiple channels at the same time?
    Three fixed audio channels are built into the headphones. They are marked CH1/CH2 /CH3/ and in parallel the headphones have LED lights BLUE/ RED/ GREEN. One audio signal transmitter provides sound on only one headphone channel. If you want to listen to three different audio channels in your headphones (e.g. CH1 Disco/ CH2 Rock/ CH3 Jazz), you need three audio signal transmitters. Accordingly, three audio playback devices are required. For example, computers where individual music lists are played. We provide one audio signal transmitter for free which provides only one audio per channel.  
  • How many hours do the headphones last?
    The headphones have built-in Lithium-ion batteries. Their continuous duration of operation is up to 8 - 10 hours. It depends on how loud the music is played in the headphones. The headset will be delivered to the customer ready for use. Special battery chargers are included for multi-day events. One charger can charge up to 16 earphones at the same time. Charging the battery for one headset can take up to 1h to 3h.
  • What is the operating distance of the headphones?
    The operating distance of the headphones depends on the power of the audio signal transmitter. The audio signal transmitter in the open air transmits an audio signal up to 400m in direct line of sight. Indoor transmission distance can vary from 50m to 150m. Everything depends on the wall, ceiling and floor structures of the building and the materials used.  
  • Are the headphones suitable for children?
    Yes, the headphones are suitable for children. A volume control button is located on each headphone. However, we do not recommend use for children under 4 years of age.
  • Are there any restrictions on using the wireless headset system?
    Our wireless headset systems can be used in European Union countries. 99.9% of the time we have had no technical problems. Disturbances can be caused in specific places where powerful WIFI equipment, mobile communication equipment, powerful electrical equipment is located. In case you have doubts whether our systems will work at your chosen place or event, our specialists can inspect the planned event location and test the equipment free of charge.  
  • Do you also offer microphones?
    With our portable transmitter, we can provide a microphone for, for example, conferences or city tours. They cannot be used in concerts. Ask us about other microphone options.
  • What about headphone hygiene?
    Before the headphones are delivered to the customer, they are treated with disinfectant and antibacterial liquids.
  • Can the headphones be used in the rain?
    Headphones should not be used in the rain and should not be used for swimming. If the headphones are damaged by water, you will have to pay a fine of EUR 100* - per piece. * The amount does not include 21% VAT
  • What happens if the headphones / audio signal transmitter are lost or damaged?
    In case of loss or permanent damage, the penalty for headphones is EUR 100 * - per piece. In case of loss or permanent damage of the audio signal transmitter, a penalty of EUR 250* - per piece. * The amount does not include 21% VAT
  • When and how should I return the headphones?
    Equipment must be returned no later than the second business day after your event. If the customer returns the headphones visibly soiled with food remains, found in sand or mud, painted or wet, fine - EUR 20.00* - per piece. *The amount does not include 21% VAT
  • Can you make brand stickers on the headphones?
    We provide such a service. Contact us for information on how to do this. At events, without the written approval of SIA Brumo Pro, the logo of our wireless headphones company may not be covered or pasted with other company logo stickers. If we find when such actions have been carried out, the penalty is EUR 50.00* for each rented wireless headset. * The amount does not include 21% VAT
  • Reservation
    We recommend to start booking the equipment ahead of time. Starting from 50 headphones, a 50% prepayment is required when booking more than 30 days in advance. If the reservation is canceled after 30 days since the reservation was made, the advance payment is not refunded to the customer.
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