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Here you will find the best wireless headphones in the Baltics for parties, festivals, seminars, corporate, cinema, theaters, concerts, churches, schools, universities or simply for a home event, etc.

Rental of headphones starting at 3.00 EUR*

* The price is indicated without 21% VAT. Starting from 300 pcs. for wireless headphones and without delivery. One signal transmitter is included in the price
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Our company is in Latvia with the possibility to deliver the headphones to any place in the Baltics within 48 hours. Delivery times to other European countries depend on the delivery distance

Brumo PRO raiditajs


BRUMO PRO provides specially designed audio broadcasting equipment of the highest quality that provides perfect sound. The headphones work exclusively with special BRUMO PRO audio signal transmitters. The headphones do not work by themselves and cannot be connected to (audio cable wire, WIFI, Bluetooth, FM) home or professional audio systems. We will supply you with all the necessary technical equipment.

The headphone speakers offer an excellent stereo sound experience with rich bass, clear high frequencies, and excellent speech intelligibility. The desired volume is set with the volume control on the right earpiece.

The headset is equipped with three fixed audio channels. Each audio channel is distinguished by bright blue, red and green LED lights. Channels can be easily switched on the left earpiece. Equipped with an adjustable headband according to the size of the head and soft ear pads, the headphones are extremely comfortable to use for hours. It fits the head tightly enough not to lose its stability even during very energetic dances. When not in use, they can be stored and transported to save space when folded.

  • 8-hour battery life for headphones and transmitters

  • Signal distance more than 300 meters away from the transmitter station (more than 3 football fields long). The signal distance may decrease due to obstacles (houses, concrete walls, mobile towers, etc.).

  • Professional sound quality (the quality of studio recordings is achieved at concerts)

  • Up to 3 audio channels with LED lights

  • Each channel has separate audio signal transmitters that can be placed anywhere.

  • The cushion part of the headphones dampens external noise well.

  • Easy setup

Brumo Pro Headphones
Klusa diskoteka Brumo


  • Make your event memorable by adding your logo to the headphones. Today, the company's logo is an emotional symbol that embodies the company's unique identity, the promise of product quality and its impact on the user's life.

  • We will make and equip the headphones with your logo specially for the event.

  • We provide equipping headphones with your logo starting from 50 headphones*

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